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Have an article that you feel would benefit educators, students, parents, activists or psychologists? Have insight into how psychological science helps us understand how people teach and learn? Send us a message with your blog idea!

Blog Style and Audience

  • Blog posts should be engaging and thought-provoking to a general audience
  • Blog posts should tell a story
  • Blog posts should be smart and insightful
  • Blog posts are encouraged to draw from current events happening in education and/or psychology
  • Blog posts should be 350-750 words (this is the length we encourage but they can run a bit longer)
  • Blog posts should be organized by ideas and broken into corresponding paragraphs whenever possible
  • Blog posts should contain bullets or lists, whenever possible
  • Blog posts should not intimidate readers without a PhD
  • Blog post writing should not feel academic or like hard work

Here is a great example of a blog post from APA’s Public Interest Directorate

Target Audience

  • the intellectually curious general reader:
    • specifically but not limited to teachers, students, parents and advocates
  • the non-expert who’s curious to read what an expert has to say


Q: Will I be a good blog writer?

A: Heck yes! Similar to anything in life, practice is key and remember: we’re here to help!

Q: What the ideal length?

A: We’d like our posts to be 350-750 words but if you have more to say, we will work with you to get a great post.

Q: How do I come up with ideas?

A: Most of the time, you’ll already have an idea. If you’re stumped think about what questions you’re constantly being asked. Sometimes a great blog post is as simple as answering a burning question.

Q: What photos should I choose?

A: We’re happy to choose photos for you but if you do decide to pick your own, they must be Copyright Fair Use photos.

Q: Will you be promoting my blog post?

A: Absolutely! We will share your post with our various networks and, if appropriate, with other outside audiences, interest groups and media. We also encourage you to share your posts with your audiences (on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) – be proud of your work!

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