5 Phenomenal Women of Color Who Changed Psychology Forever and Will Inspire You to Do the Same

Not too long ago, psychology was a discipline dominated by white males. Change came slowly in the wake of the Civil Rights and Women’s Movements of the 1960s and ‘70s. But even before then, a few intrepid women of color entered the field of psychology and strove to change it (and the world) for the better.

The 4 Principles of Attachment Parenting and Why They Work

Attachment parenting took a beating after the May 2012 issue of Time Magazine with its controversial cover picture of Jamie Lynne Grummet nursing her 3-year-old son. If the cover wasn’t inflammatory enough, the title, “Are You Mom Enough?” added further fuel to anti-attachment (aka anti-helicopter) parenting outrage. The implications of this cover story were that there’s something wrong with parents (especially mothers) who coddle their children or at least become too involved in their upbringing.

You want me to do what? Thoughts from a reformed reluctant advocate

I’ve been honored to participate in the Education Directorate’s Education Leadership Conferences (ELC).   I vividly recall reading the ELC materials sent prior to the first conference I attended.  When I read the part about “making Hill visits” it stopped me short; I thought, “Huh, say what?”   Surely I was misreading and they couldn’t actually be serious about “making Hill visits”, they were, and I did.    What an amazing experience!