College Freshman Year will not be 13th grade

Why Your Freshman Year in College Will NOT Be 13th Grade

According to the most recent data from American College Testing’s College Retention and Graduation Rates, 32% of all freshmen enrolled in American colleges and universities drop out before their sophomore year. The causes for this appalling statistic have been researched extensively, and they fall into four categories: poor academic preparation, inadequate financial support, lack of campus engagement, and low educational motivation.

What’s in a Story?: Resonating the Elevator Pitch Outward and Upward

I am an academic, a member of Divisions 17, 45, and 51, and an Asian American counseling psychologist who cares deeply about using our science and our understanding of our communities to promote justice and well-being.  I have been training graduate students on the importance of producing and translating knowledge that may influence practice and policy.

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning: How to Be a Psycadvocate®!

We have trained hundreds of psychologists and psychology students to meet with policymakers on Capitol Hill and advocate on behalf of the discipline of psychology. To stay informed of when the best time is to weigh in on policy issues impacting psychology, you can join our Federal Action Network and send your own message to your congressional delegation on a range of science, education or public interest issues. Don’t know where to start? A Psychologist’s Guide to Federal Advocacy is a valuable resource that provides an overview of the legislative process, APA’s federal advocacy efforts and how you can get involved.

Navigating the possibilities with a degree in psychology

What will you do with your psychology major?

If you find yourself wondering about this question, you are not alone. With more than 114,000 college students who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2012-2013 psychology is one of the most popular college majors behind business, health-related bachelor programs, social sciences and history.