Why “Science-Based” Matters and more in this week’s news roundup!

Why “Science-Based” Matters
(Psychology Today)

Why the White House’s request of the CDC is so troubling

Teachers Share Their Favorite Gifts From Students
(Education Week – Subscription Required)

During the holiday season, some students stress over finding the perfect presents for their teachers—but most teachers agree that the best gifts don’t come with a price tag. Educators shared on Twitter that used Sharpies, rubber gloves, and old ornaments can be just as valuable as gift cards and expensive items.

Highly motivated kids have a greater advantage in life than kids with a high IQ

Educational psychologists Adele and Allen Gottfried call people who are standouts when it comes to effort and determination “motivationally gifted.” According to the Gottfrieds, our culture has vastly underestimated just how essential motivation is to ensuring success later in life.

The three-minute pitch
(The APA’s Monitor on Psychology)

Communications competitions are helping psychology students captivate audiences with their research. Here’s how you can, too.

Crossing the Divide
(Inside Higher Ed)

Faculty and staff members can often regard one another with indifference, suspicion or even hostility, but at Georgetown University, the two groups are actively collaborating to improve student well-being, writes David Ebenbach.

Reflections on the APA Summit on High School Psychology Education
(APA’s Psychology Teacher Network Newsletter)

This special issue focuses on the July 2017 national summit and its mission to create the best future for high school psychology education.

For-Profit And Online Education: What’s Going On?
(NPR Education)

It’s been quite a year for for-profit education. “Continued collapse,” is how Bryan Alexander, an educational futurist, describes it.

Senior academics ‘take too much credit’ in co-authorship
(Times Higher Education)

Junior researchers being ‘held back’ by the ordering of names on joint papers, study finds

Why we fight
(APA’s Psychological Science Agenda)

The psychological ties that bind us together and that tear us apart.

Meet the Changemakers: 12 Extraordinary (and Inspiring) Educators We Met This Year
(The 74)

The holidays have hit full stride here at The 74, but we’re still buzzing about the unforgettable educators we met this year. We’ve all encountered teachers who inspire us, but the innovators we met in 2017 have pushed our seasonal thankfulness to new heights.

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