Your Best Defense Is In Your Head

Michelle, a secretary for a huge law firm, gets into a huge fight with her boss, Tom. She’s angry, so she begins to raise her voice. In an instant, he’s screaming back at her. Tom starts insulting her, and eventually she gets so nervous that she spills her cup of coffee on herself. Humiliated, Michelle takes the rest of the day off, unsure of how to handle the issue.

You want me to do what? Thoughts from a reformed reluctant advocate

I’ve been honored to participate in the Education Directorate’s Education Leadership Conferences (ELC).   I vividly recall reading the ELC materials sent prior to the first conference I attended.  When I read the part about “making Hill visits” it stopped me short; I thought, “Huh, say what?”   Surely I was misreading and they couldn’t actually be serious about “making Hill visits”, they were, and I did.    What an amazing experience!