Florida seeks 100% employment rate for Undergrad Psychology Majors….And more! Welcome to our First News Roundup.

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“Detecting More Than Plagiarism” Inside Higher Ed
Turnitin launches a new version of Research Assistant, an online writing tool that teaches students how to write better essays.

“Education Dept. Will Publish List of Colleges with Title IX Exemptions” The Chronicle of Higher Education
This week the U.S Department of Education released a letter stating that it will publish a list of all religious colleges that have received Title IX exemptions.

“Failing the Test for Faculty Unions” Inside Higher Ed
In its first opportunity to apply its new guidelines for a union to obtain collective bargaining rights at private colleges the National Labor Relations Board rejects bid from tenure-line professors at Carroll College.

“The Faculty Role Online, Scrutinized” Inside Higher Ed
The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Inspector General is reviewing the roll of faculty in competency-based education.

“Federal Government Oversteps into Higher Education Accreditation” The Hill
A look at the U.S. Department of Education’s plan for increasing federal oversight and control of higher education

“Obama Call for Pell Grant Changes to Accelerate Progress Toward Degrees” The Chronicle of Higher Education
This week the Obama administration issued a proposal that would make Pell Grants available year-round.

“Psych” Inside Higher Ed
Florida Governor Rick Scott asked the state’s public university presidents to ensure that psychology graduates at six of the state’s public universities have 100% employment, with the exception of those who continue on to graduate school.

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