I-O Psychologists’ Passion Projects: Improving the Ways Scientists Communicate their Findings

We continue our exploration of the field of Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology, the American Psychological Association’s Division 14. If you’ve read our recent blogs, you already know that I-O Psychology is the study of behavior in the workplace. I-O Psychologists frequently help businesses better hire, motivate, and retain employees, but they can apply their skills in many other ways.

This interview series is all about I-O Psychologists’ passion projects and showcases how I-O professionals are applying their training to try to make a difference in the world. If you missed the first two blogs of this series, you can read the interviews with Drs. Haley Woznyj here and Ann Marie Ryan here.

Meet Mike Morrison, a doctoral student in Michigan State University’s Organizational Psychology program. Doctoral students routinely attend the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology’s (SIOP‘s) Annual Conference, where they present their research to other I-O graduate students, academics, and practitioners, and strive to ultimately publish articles describing their research in I-O journals.

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